What is ACT e.V.

Adventure Country Tracks e.V. is a registered non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and maintain off-road routes and tracks in European countries for so-called adventure motorcycles / dual purpose bikes. By providing information, advocacy and promoting responsible motorcycle travel, ACT seeks to preserve motorcycling on unpaved roads in the hinterland for generations to come and also to promote tourism in rural areas.

Adventure Country Tracks works with enthusiastic partners in some countries of Europe, with tourism authorities, land administrations, forest services, tourist boards, tour operators, etc. to provide routes and remote roads for motorcycling. By investing in communication and hopefully supporting local petty businesses, guesthouses, and local resources, ACT is able to provide free GPS tracks and advice, create photo and video archives of the routes, and educate the motorcycle community on the routes. The GPS routes are still available for free. Our desire is to provide a detailed documentation of the routes, areas and backgrounds and to motivate the traveler to follow these routes.

All funds for Adventure Country Tracks are invested in the projects, there is no commercial goal.

How did ACT come about?

Created in 2016 on the initiative of several Touratech employees from Germany and Portugal, the first ACT project was launched under the leadership of Touratech, Sena and Suzuki. The project ACT Portugal with a huge success and countless fans and drivers on the track, has motivated us, the team, to continue. ACT Greece as a second project has shown that the sponsors of this project also want to be part of the long term, but need a transparent and neutral platform to bring this project forward. For this purpose, ACT e.V was founded and already the 3rd Tour is under the patronage of the association to Romania with the support of Touratech, Motorex, Suzuki, Sena, Nexx Helmets, etc.

Our work should have the following goals:

Preservation of off-road routes.

We take the tracks legal ways and develop these off-road ways for sustainable travel. Only when Local Communities experience the benefit of travelers they will take care and fight to keep the routes open.


There are hardly any better experiences than to experience the sunset in the mountains in front of the tent. Only the nature, the bike and the tent.

Pass it on.

Motorcycle travelers need a voice. We’re not the hooligans who are destroying the landscape and terrifying animals with the loud engines, because we race like madmen through the undergrowth. We want to enjoy nature, get to know the local customs and experience man and nature. Only those who carry it out will help to improve the reputation of the travelers.

Make differences.

Of course, I can go with a thousand others to the beach and throw a hotel chain even more money in the throat. But taking the chance to give a small mountain inn the chance to survive, giving the convenience store aunt Emma shop in the backcountry when five hungry travelers invade it makes the difference if a small community survives.

Donate and Membership

To keep this project running we need your support. Please help us keep the ACT movement rolling by becoming a ACT Member or making a donation to ACT. With this support is ACT able to provide free GPS tracks and advice, create photo and video archives of the routes, and educate the motorcycle community on the routes. Our target is to keep offroad tracks open and offroad riding legal in Europe.

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