ACT Portugal

ACT Portugal offers you a five-day 1250km adventure route, that travels from Bragança on the northern border to Tavira on the south coast.

Travel through verdant green valleys, over tree-lined mountains, pass between fields of gold, ride along centuries-old trails, bumping over the cobbles of the narrow village streets, discovering Portugal’s rich history, rural culture and rarely seen back country.

WARNING: Please always download the latest version of the track before going into the trip as it can be constantly modified in order to be accurate and reflect changes in the terrain.



Although relatively small in size, Portugal is a very diverse country from the landscape perspective. By defining a track from north to south, we were able to cross all sort of different regions that will for sure call the attention of travellers and ask for a photograph. There are breath taking sceneries that will demand for a stop and for some contemplation. The track starts in the more mountain populated north, crossing valleys, mountain tops, famous vineyard area of the Douro valley and then going to the south, where the plains take care of the landscape.

The ACT Portugal was prepared in order to specifically cross remote areas of the country. It avoids the busy sea coast and more touristic areas. Nevertheless, the track is constantly crossing small villages, old castles, historically relevant areas and, places where you can have all sort of local experiences. It ranges from great landscapes, remote populations, food, roads and, something that Portugal is a top producer: wine.

It will therefore be possible to plan your adventure so that you can enjoy the ride and the track during the day, and then at the evening, after a good bath, enjoy the diverse and rich food of Portugal, the culture and the huge variety of winery’s and wines. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world with the oldest defined frontiers and it is the oldest state-nation in Europe. This means that the entire country is historically populated with remaining’s of this long history that dates to the XII century.

The chosen track is perfectly suitable for beginners and the stretches where better skills may be required, the rider can take an alternative if it does not feel ready or in the mood to try it. These cases are nevertheless, rare. The track diversity is rich and it presents up and down tracks crossing the mountains, river crossings, old ancient roman bridges crossings, mountain tops riding, rock bed tracks, faster gravel roads and twisty old tarmac roads. All in the track offering a unique riding experience for the adventurers. Portugal is an off-road paradise and the track is defined only using authorized roads.