How to download the tracks

Step 1: Login or register

For beeing able to download one of our tracks, you have to login or register a new account for ACT.

» Login-Page

Step 2: Download the track

After Step 1 you are able to download the tracks. Just click on the sign “Download GPS Track here”. Subsequently you will see our disclaimer for using this tracks. Click on “I agree” and the download will start.

» Track ACT Rumania

» Track ACT Greece

» Track ACT Portugal

Step 3: Download folder

After downloading the track, you will find it in your download folder of your computer. For several Browser this will look different:

(Please keep in mind that difficulties can arise with the browser Edge. It is best to use one of the ones shown on the right.)

bottom left of browser window

top right in the download arrow

Internet Explorer:
bottom center of the browser window

Step 4: ZIP-file or .gpx-file

Now you have received a ZIP-file, which must be unzip. Then you can use the .gpx-file for your navigation system.

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