What can I do?

There are many ways to support ACT e.V. The best thing is to download the track and follow it and thus ACT e.V. experience yourself to support the local partners, whether pensions, restaurants, campsites, etc.

You can also become a member of the club. Simply fill in a member form and you will be there for 39 Euro per year? Companies are involved with 150 euros a year.

Donations: Of course, we also accept donations and issue an official donation receipt. All donations benefit the respective projects.

Most importantly, you can support. Give us information about the routes, changes on the track, if you have contacts in politics, community or companies who want to support this project, then join us and help us. The more we are, the better we are being heard.

What do I get from that?

The donations and membership fees enable us to keep the project alive. The website, the downloads, the maintenance of the social media channels, the repeated departure and control of the routes. The directors of the ACT e.V. do their work on a voluntary basis, but occasionally need the help of IT or social media teams, who of course want to be paid.

You will also gain access to all information and help shape the future of ACT.

An exclusive member area is planned for the future, where discounted travel and merchandise is to be purchased, but the basic idea behind ACT e.V. is that anyone can and should drive the routes for free, so we do not want to restrict the download of the track.

Become an ACT Member

Payment information: You can pay with your PayPal Account or per Bank Transfer, just click on “Bank Transfer” down below, we will activate your account after the transfer.

Membership fee 39€ / year

or donate